In 2007 won the national division of the Southern China Ruili sealing mould top 400

2009 to participate in POCO, I want to take the network part-time photo plane model.

2009 to participate in the Fuzhou show and medical garment kind of plane model

2011 to participate in the "National Model City Xiyingmen Hester was Miss national top 50"

2011 to participate in Fuzhou the four seasons such as Spring Hotel planar advertisement photography

2011 to participate in the joeone Joe|one brand news conference Miss etiquette

2011 June to participate in the Fujian Sina happy house Oriental City real mode plane advertisement photography

In 2011 August to participate in Fujian Province, Fuzhou City, the Special Olympics publicity about the movie female number one shot

2011 September to participate in Fuzhou Baolong OPPO mobile phone display activities mould play.

In 2011 October to obtain BBS "Ruili Ruili site October star" post essence

2011 November to participate in the sunshine outside the auction Damin net ideal plane model

2012 January to participate in the Fuzhou Private Studio private Painting Portrait Gallery plane sample shooting model

2012 January to participate in the Fuzhou Yijiubaling culture dissemination limited company "with the warm" themephotography model plane sample

2011 to participate in the large Taiwan TV "Reunion", "gentle mercy", "grandma love me once again" filming theactor who plays ball with respectively, and actor playmate small A. One of the leading female household servant girl

2012 July to participate in the Fuzhou Weiwei bride wedding photography studio sample model

In 2012 November the construction bank payment delta ATM MV Trailer advertising female a

2013 January to participate in the Fuzhou show and medical garment kind of plane model

2013 July to participate in the micro film "women such as paint" shooting

2013 November to participate in Fuzhou Luo Danny Photo Gallery plane samples taken refer to

In 2013, served as the 2013 CIP international Supermodel Contest Fujian division of the organizing committeedirector of admissions at

In 2014 as the cosmetology hospital LET beauties of slimming advertising image spokesperson.

In 2015 ND NetDragon souls as Blade game anchor.

In 2015 as a fashion consultant for the Asian tourism miss.

In 2016 as the Porsche 718Boxster press conference live guests invited Tarot
2016 served as the construction of Acura Acura CDX car will be invited to live Tarot Tarot live guests
2016 served as the center of the bear's birthday party masked Tarot invited live audience
In 2016, he held a special invitation to live on the occasion of the celebration of the love of the Tanabata Tarot
2016 as a letter to the White House, fun side bogey model housing stagnation divination advice ~!
In 2016 as the Near East Taihe square love labyrinth Tarot fam live invited guests
In 2016 EVA to the divine hut as a brand name in remembrance of the visual, daily express, Tencent Tencent, Tencent, Tencent news client live video.
2016 won the Tencent in 2016 - Jingdong Daily Star podcast contest Fujian division top twenty-five"
2017 was invited to attend the Fuqing Jinxiu Yu Long Bay opening activities consulting diviner Tarot stagnation

Work experience
2014/11 Month - April 2015: US cloud company Fujian Culture Communication Co., Ltd. | Project Manager
1, the artist responsible for the company's new mining, negotiation and contract work;
2, responsible for the external contracts signed artists preliminary review and revise draft submitted by the general manager;
3, the company responsible for the overall coordination of the activities of CAA;
4, general manager of distribution and assume temporary work arrangements and other work;
5, responsible for the Fujian regional business channel development work;
6, responsible for arts resources channel integration.

2014 /3-- so far: Miss Asia Travel contest organizing committee (Chinese area of more than 10000 people, foreign (Europe) 1 years) [11 months]
Job title: Fashion Consultant department:
Industry: Advertising
1, to the domestic and foreign fashion information collection, collation and analysis; according to the requirements and complete information for the popular brand market trend analysis and field to collect information on the market, and regularly issued by the report on the work of the information.
2, assist design planning departments complete trend and color design related training.
3, support the design planning department to complete other related tasks.
4, responsible for the promotion of information and part of the sales work.